What is the real potential of plant lighting plants?
The outdoor air quality published by Beijing Environmental Inspection Agency is "seriously polluted". It is one hour's drive from Beijing's urban area, Mafang Town, Pinggu District, and the air is covered with haze. "It's worrying that pollutants in the air and soil will enter plants directly." In the meantime, Li Yingren, co-founder of the Federation of Agricultural and People's Things, is showing off a three-storey plant factory.
Running Light: The Story of a Flashlight
Many years ago, flashlights were the only household appliances available at home. During the day, put it on the table; at night, put it on the bed; when walking at night, hold it in your hand. The silver-white light accompanied us through a series of uneven dirt roads.
Black technology is back to the ancients, flashlight can become AR interface
Our exploration of AR technology has reached the limit level. In front of the beauty lens of the iPhone, our faces do seem to look better, but all the possibilities of changing the world -- AR's promise to add a new digital interface to our analog world -- remain elusive. Many people believe that AR will develop rapidly with the introduction of "Magic Leap" or "Hololens". But it may suggest that we need another AR, which can be used as a substitute for "smart glasses".
Why does the high-end LED flashlight adopt three-stage rigid oxidation of military regulations?
In the bright flashlight industry, facing the competitive pressure of the market, the shell of the flashlight is gradually transformed from plastic to aluminum alloy, and the higher-end flashlight shell will be made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy flashlight is used for better visual and texture. Usually, the surface will be oxidized. Next, I will introduce the surface treatment technology of flashlight and flashlight.