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Running Light: The Story of a Flashlight

Running Light: The Story of a Flashlight

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Many years ago, flashlights were the only household appliances available at home. During the day, put it on the table; at night, put it on the bed; when walking at night, hold it in your hand. The silver-white light accompanied us through a series of uneven dirt roads.

      Many years ago, flashlights were the only household appliances available at home. During the day, put it on the table; at night, put it on the bed; when walking at night, hold it in your hand. The silver-white light accompanied us through a series of uneven dirt roads.


      The structure of the flashlight is simple. The electroplated metal shell connects the tungsten filament bulb to the alkaline battery. And this simple flashlight is a toy we never tire of when we were young.


Adults don't like us to play with flashlights. They are afraid of electricity consumption. Every time my mother sees me play with flashlights, she always laughs and says, "Big fool plays with flashlights." It's the fun of children that adults don't understand. We look at the sky and try to let the light run to the moon and stars; we look at our own hand and see the transparent red fingers and palms, puzzled; we look at the tree and stamp the trunk with our feet, and when the tree is awake and asleep, it will fly into the halo; we press the red button on the switch from time to time to the firefly in the distance. The fireflies will come to us with their little lanterns as soon as they shine out.


  We play not only at night, but sometimes during the day. We dismantled the flashlight, put the gold-plated shell on our eyes as a single telescope, and observed the "enemy's situation" pretentiously; put the conical focusing mirror on our ears, put the rear metal cover with springs on our mouth, and send telegrams and telephone calls to each other to inform the "enemy's situation" and command the "battle". After playing, assemble it before adults go home and put it in place. When adults use it again, they turn on the flashlight and the light beam disperses. They rotate the top cover against the wall, adjust the mirror, and refocus it.


  In the past, there was no electricity in the countryside, and there was no street lamp. When we went out at night, we could only use the flashlight to guide us. The importance of the flashlight is self-evident. Relatives who come to visit will return late without a flashlight. The host will find out the flashlight at home and let the guests take it, and return it the next day, so that there will be more exchanges. On the night of open-air movies in the village, the light pillars converge on all sides and then scatter away. It's a big gathering of people and a big gathering of flashlights. Children waved torches in the cinema, young people waved light pillars on the road, crossing them to fly out of the countryside's rare lively time.


  From torches, candles, lanterns, oil lamps, lanterns to flashlights, the development of mobile lighting tools has a long process. The flashlight started late and developed fast. Nowadays, few people use battery flashlights. They are all replaced by rechargeable flashlights, and the style is no longer the old-fashioned tiger head. All kinds of plastic and metal shells have different sizes and colors, which can dazzle people.


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