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MF-A5 LED Multi-functional Light with Mobile Phone Charger

1000/1800 Lumen
500 M
18650 Lithium Battery/ AAA Battery
6 / 4 Max Hours
30.5*25.4*122 mm
1 Metre Impact Resistance


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Product description

Product Characteristics

MF-A5 is the ideal camping partner as it not only acts as flashlight with 5 light modes, but also transforms into a camping lantern. It even charges your mobile phone or tablet! 

◆ It's a High Power LED Flashlight. Used in many places, bring you a ray of light in the dark.
◆ It's a Inspection Lamp. There is a magnet in the tail, which can be attached to any metal objects, release your hands, and carry out any operation such as car and machine maintenance, and lamp installation.
◆ It's LED Bicycle Lamp. Has "Blinking" function, you are no longer afraid of distant light when you are riding. has "SOS" function,too, you can send a signal for help in case of any danger.
◆ It's a Outdoor LED Camping Mini Lantern. There is a high-grade adjustable lanyard, hung on the tent and branches to "add luster and luster" for your outdoor life.
◆ It's a Mini Power Bank. When your phone or device is dead, you can use it to recharge anywhere and anytime. 
◆ it's an Emergency Survival Hammer. Hard and beautiful, when you are in a car or an indoor emergency, just use it to break the glass to escape. At the same time, when you are walking in the dark and in danger, you can use it to beat the bad guys for protecting yourself.
◆ It's a Special Gift. We can accept OEM and print your Logo or Name on the light, which is a best and special gift you can give to friends, relatives and customers.

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