LED Flashlight “FOX HAWK”                                                                        

 ‘GZQ’ LED Lighting.                                                                       



‘ZP’ congpany owns 2 major brands,

‘Fox Hawk’ LED Flashlight & ‘GZQ’ LED Lighting.

ZhongPu is committed to become a world-renowned brand of outdoor and explosion-proof lights and equipment brand. 

It was founded in 2011 in Dongguan, China to begin manufacturing ZhongPu products, designing and specialising in

rechargeable lighting solutions. 

These products were specially supplied to the Outdoor, Police, Fire Services and Industrial markets, where  ZhongPu has

developed a high reputation for quality and service.
We make the most powerful portable light in the world.

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  • 技术创新

    Explosion-proof LED Headlamp, Explosion-proof LED Flashlight,Explosion-proof LED Searchlight,Police LED Flashlight,Professional LED Flashlight......

  • 声学能力

    LED Multi-functional Light,LED Headlamp,LED Bicycle Light,LED Diving Torch,LED Flashlight,LED Hunting Lamp,LED Military Lamp...

  • 研发能力

    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery,Charger,Clamp Bracket &Headset Cap,Package...

  • 天线设计

    Hardware CNC,Plastic Stamping,Mold Making...

  • 智造能力

    ‘ZP’ congpany owns 2 major brands, ‘Fox Hawk’ LED Flashlight & ‘GZQ’ LED Lighting...



What is the real potential of plant lighting plants?
The outdoor air quality published by Beijing Environmental Inspection Agency is "seriously polluted". It is one hour's drive from Beijing's urban area, Mafang Town, Pinggu District, and the air is covered with haze. "It's worrying that pollutants in the air and soil will enter plants directly." In the meantime, Li Yingren, co-founder of the Federation of Agricultural and People's Things, is showing off a three-storey plant factory.
Running Light: The Story of a Flashlight
Many years ago, flashlights were the only household appliances available at home. During the day, put it on the table; at night, put it on the bed; when walking at night, hold it in your hand. The silver-white light accompanied us through a series of uneven dirt roads.

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